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1 up to 4 weeks

July 1-26, 2024



Welcome to the ASV Summer Programs

Through the ASV Summer Programs, American School of Valencia not only wants to instill a love for the English Language, but also encourage students to take care of themselves, others and their world.   ASV Summer Programs intend to give students a ‘taste of America’, of an American style summer camp, through a diverse range of learning activities and events.

The ASV Summer Programs are a place to learn, to have fun, whilst trying new things, learning new skills, and developing new understandings.

Spice Up Your Summer

Enrich your child’s Summer experience at ASV with these optional activities. All the activities are in English, taught by professional and certified coaches and teachers, and happen inside the regular Summer program schedule. 

See fees and conditions here and make your choice in the registration form.

Steam Experience

Introduction to STEAM disciplines (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics) for students in Grade 3 and above.

Registered students have this activity every day for one hour. Students will get a taste of robotics, 3D design, and short video editing. The language of instruction is English.

Requires a minimum number of students.


For students in PreKinder 1 – Grade 2 who are beginners.  Daily lessons for 45 minutes taught by a certified Physical Education teacher (with a swimming instruction certification).  Elementary students participating in this activity have their lessons during the swimming time assigned to their class.

The language of instruction is English.

Hip Hop

Urban dance (Hip Hop) lessons for children from PreKinder 2 to Grade 12. One hour, two days a week.

Activity taught by a certified dance instructor with a long experience in a school setting. The language of instruction is English and students are grouped by age.

Requires a minimum number of registered students.

Summer Program Scholarships

Learn more about the SP Scholarships for families who confirm and have paid their placements until 23:59 March 31, 2024. We raffle five scholarships of a 20% discount.

About the American School of Valencia

ASV is the leading international school in Valencia. Since 1980, we have been teaching students to make an insightful impact on our world by offering to local and international families living in Valencia the experience of an American-international curriculum which encourages innovation, creativity, critical thinking, global awareness, technology integration, and collaboration. 

Learn more about the ASV Difference.