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American School of Valencia

Additional Services at the ASV Summer Programs

ASV provides with three essential services for the student’s daily life: health services, food services and transportation services. Learn more about them by reading the information below.

Morning Care

Morning Care starts at 8:30. Children can bring a small breakfast with them. The person responsible for taking care of the children at this time will bring them to their pick up area at 9:15 so they can start their day.

Afternoon Care

Afternoon Club starts when the Summer Program is over (16:30) and finishes at 17:30. The person responsible for taking care of the children plan fun engaging activities to enjoy this extra time together, all of them driven in English.


Summer students may use the school transportation service if they need it.  This service is subject to an annual route plan that includes Valencia, other towns in the metropolitan area as well as the area of Sagunto-Canet-Almenara and Segorbe-Estivella-Gilet.  Please, see the specific fees below.

The tentative bus stops are here.

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Food Service

      The ASV campus has two school dining halls and its own kitchen facilities. The main dining hall is located in the main building with capacity for 450 students. Lunch is provided in different shifts adjusting to the schedule in each section.

      Beginning in Grade 1,  students may bring a healthy snack for the mid-morning break. For Preschool students, ASV provides a snack before the end of the school day.

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      Health and Wellness

        To ensure the highest standards of health and safety, American School of Valencia has a school nurse who provides health care to all our students. In addition to taking care of minor accidents on campus she also collects all the allergies and special diets to ensure your children are receiving the best possible care.

        ASV is also a cardioprotected school community thanks to the three semi-automatic defibrillators located in the main building, in the Preschool classroom and in the sports area.


        Program Fees


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        Transportation Details


        The bus routes  and stops are tentative. Definitive routes will be determined before the beginning of the Programs and will be informed to families.

        Please check the list of tentative stops and if you do not find one nearby, you can access the form to ask us to study new stops.

        Valencia routes
        Av. Gran Vía Germanias
        Av. Gran Vía Marques del Turia
        Av. Jacinto Benavente
        Av. Aragon
        C. Fontanares
        Av. Archiduque Carlos
        Av. Pérez Galdos
        Av. Maestro Rodrigo
        Av. Pese Alexandre
        Av. Primado Reig
        Av. Saler
        Av. Alameda
        C. Menorca
        Av. Serreria
        Av. Blasco Ibañez
        Av. Cataluña
        Center and near Towns
        C. Xátiva
        Av. Guillem de Castro
        C. Conde Trenor
        Puig beach
        Av. Valladolid


        North towns
        Corinto's beach
        Canet beach
        Puerto Sagunto
        New North routes