Spice UP your Summer 

Spice Up Your Summer

Enrich your child's Summer experience at ASV by choosing one of these optional activities.


All the activities are driven in English, taught by professional and certified coaches and teachers, and happen inside the regular schedule. 

Steam Experiencie

Introduction to STEAM disciplines (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics) for students in Grade 3 and above.

Registered students have this activity every day for one hour. The lesson plan changes every week and covers interesting areas such as educational robotics, 3D design, and multimedia. The language of instruction is English.

Requires a minimum number of students.


For students in PreKinder 1 – Grade 2 who are beginners.  Daily lessons for 45 minutes taught by certified Physical Education teacher (with a swimming instruction certification).  Elementary students participating in this activity have their lessons during the swimming time assigned to their class.

The language of instruction is English.

Hip Hop

Urban dance (Hip Hop) lessons for children from PreKinder 2 to Grade 12. One hour, two days a week.

Activity taught by certified dance instructor with a long experience in a school setting. The language of instruction is English and students are grouped by age.

Requires a minimum number of registered students.


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