STEAM Summerland

Discover the World of STEAM

STEAM Summerland is for students with English language proficiency who are passionate about science and technology, and want to push their knowledge further.


Discover the world of STEAM Summerland (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics) solving challenges covering robotics, coding, virtual environments and more.


At the beginning of each challenge the students receive a Summerland Passport, where they will find the challenges they have to solve to be able to come back to their world. In each challenge the students use different platforms such as: educational robotics, 3D design, short video editing, etc. until they complete all the challenges in their passport.


In addition students will enjoy daily swimming time and sports as well as the weekly special events.


Language Requirements

This program is aimed at students between 9 to 17 years old who have at least an intermediate level of English.

  • Grade 3 and above if the student is a native speaker or attends an International English speaking school.
  • Grade 4 and above if the students has an intermediate English level (Cambridge’s A2 Flyers Qualification or equivalent)


All instruction in English Registration for 2 or 4 weeks



Program Fees


What is included

Learning materials, special events, lunch and afternoon snack (for Preschool students) with school insurance

Additional services

Morning, afternoon care with Bus service and Additional services with Spice up your Summer

This is my choice. How can I register my child?

Click here, read the details and complete the online form.

Available from March 20

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